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In times of Corona, the air we breathe ultimately decides whether we become infected or not. It is believed that the severity of the course depends on the viral load in the air. The viruses are found in the aerosols of sick people, which get into the air through breathing or coughing and are inhaled by healthy people. A room air filter can help to prevent infections or to soften the course. The ThetaCore model series is a sensible option here.

In Germany, the infection rate in the last 24 hours is 16.076

Quality Made in Germany

The device is made in Germany, which does not support labor exploitation in developing countries. At the same time, there is a high quality standard of the built-in parts and processing. The air virus filter is made of stainless steel and is kept simple and neutral. It is therefore not unpleasant in any home furnishings.

General areas of application for the indoor air virus filter?

There are innumerable bacteria and viruses that accompany us every day. Some of them are dangerous. Just think of the annual flu wave, which could be considerably weakened by frequent use of the air virus filter. This would be particularly useful for people with a weakened immune system and previous illnesses. The use of several air virus filters would be particularly helpful in stationary facilities. Nursing homes in particular are often badly affected by Corona and could benefit from this solution. This could prevent isolation measures there and would save a lot of health care costs.

The advantages in detail

The ThetaCore room air filter series has several advantages compared to other devices. With its sophisticated technology, it frees the air we breathe from harmful particles and germs through several components and therefore works particularly thoroughly. The purified air inevitably increases the quality of life considerably.

Here are the advantages of the device:

The smallest aerosol particles are filtered out

Even aerosols from 0,1 to 0,3 are almost 100% captured by the filter. This is particularly advantageous for multi-person households if one of the residents has just been caught. If someone becomes in need of care, staying together in one room cannot be avoided. Here the indoor air virus filter provides great relief and possibly a shortening of the duration of the illness.

The HEPA filter pulls annoying particles out of the air

Especially allergy sufferers can breathe easy here: particles such B. House dust mite excrement or pollen as well as smoke particles are sucked into the depth filter, which corresponds to the standard H14 according to EN 1822, from the air. These collect in the filter, which only needs to be replaced at certain intervals. The device does not emit toxins and can be used around the clock. The cleaning effect begins in microscopic areas so that it can hardly be noticed by the user.

Anti-allergy device that fits in every corner

The device is mobile and with the dimensions H 150, L 40 and W 40 cm fits into almost any room. In addition, the room air virus filter can make the procedure of the side effects rich and often lengthy therapy with antihistamines superfluous or shorten in allergy sufferers.

The UV lamp enhances the air cleaning effect

The device also contains a UV-C UV lamp for air disinfection, as light has a disinfecting effect. The light prevents the pathogens from multiplying by intervening directly in the part of their DNA that is responsible for the cell division of the microorganisms. If many households were to use the device, this could even mean the end of the corona pandemic. In general, the use of ThetaCore air filters helps prevent other epidemics.

Our indoor air models

HEPA filter / HEPA filter - quality class H14

HEPA filters / HEPA filters H14 with glass fiber fleece are used as main or final filters in systems with the highest requirements for air purity and sterility. Areas of application are e.g. B. Research, medicine, pharmacy, nuclear industry, food industry.

Testing of HEPA filters according to EN 1822 (HEPA filters EPA, HEPA and ULPA): European standard for testing the filtration performance in the manufacturing plant on the basis of particle counting using a liquid test aerosol.

Uniform classification of the particulate filter according to the degree of separation with a test aerosol, the mean particle size of which is at the minimum degree of separation (MPPS).

HEPA filters are classified into HEPA (filter classes H13, H14) and ULPA (filter classes U15, U16, U17) according to the values ​​determined for the local degree of separation and the integral degree of separation.

EVERYONE HEPA H14 filter is tested before delivery and receives a factory certificate according to DIN EN 10204: 2004 2.2

We confirm that the delivery complies with the agreements made when the order was accepted.
The filter with the above serial number has passed all required tests according to EN 1822-4: 2009 Appendix A and is
leak free.

FP-2 filtration according to EN 143

There are three levels of protection: FP1, FP2 and FP3. The WHO and the Robert Koch Institute recommend at least protection level 2 for the medical field

Filter class FP2 should be used in working environments in which there are harmful and mutagenic substances in the air we breathe. FP2 filters have a degree of separation of 92%. The occupational exposure limit (OEL) may be 10 times higher than the industry standard. FP2 filters protect against less toxic dust, mist and smoking.

Penetration (0.3 μm)EN 7792%
Initial efficiency DEHS (0.3 μm)EN 77998%

UV-C UV lamps for air disinfection

The use of UV radiation against pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi has a long history. The use in the air supply of a school could for the first time drastically reduce the incidence of measles. For more than 40 years, UVC radiation has been used in large pharmaceutical products and surfaces against a number of human pathogens.

The part of the UV spectrum relevant for air sterilization / disinfection is specifically the UV-C subrange between 200-280nm. The power peak of UV-C low-pressure lamps is 254nm and therefore very close to the optimal range of DNA / RNA absorption by microorganisms. This is where the maximum killing / inactivation occurs. The radiation has a germicidal effect or, in the case of viruses, inactivates it, the genetic information required for reproduction is destroyed.

UV-C diagram

COARSE DUST FILTER made of stainless steel mesh DIN 16890

This type of air filter made of stainless steel mesh is used to separate pollen, dust, hair, insects and other contaminants in many ventilation systems.

It is a stainless steel mesh laminated with wavy welding grids.

The THETACore this coarse filter is used as a pre-filter for two reasons;

On the one hand, the material can be cleaned easily by vacuuming or sweeping it off, so there is no need to replace e.g.

Of course, we have had our air purification systems tested externally under laboratory conditions. We will be happy to provide you with the corresponding laboratory evaluation on request.

Technical Details

We have equipped the ThetaCore tOWER with a new control!

Our customers are convinced of the performance of the ThetaCore tOWER!
As part of the customer survey, we decided to put the suggestions and ideas into practice.

We have equipped the ThetaCore tOWER with an even more customer-friendly control.

Many new features are incorporated, and we can proudly say that a 7-inch touch display will make the room air filter easier to use. You then have all the important functions at a glance!

The sensor values ​​such as the CO² content of the air or the air quality can be conveniently read on a graphic surface.

Of course, it is now also possible to protect the devices from unauthorized access with a password. Password assignment also possible for groups.

Our customers always stay up to date by regularly providing the UPDATE files on our homepage. Future functional expansions are therefore given.

With the tOWER we provide administration software!

With this software it will be possible to automatically recognize, group and also control all devices in the network. In addition, with a simple "click" you can import updates or save a building plan where you can position the previously created groups. That means: you have the perfect overview!

ThetaCore administration

ALL sensor values ​​can be recorded and easily exported if desired. In this way, it is possible to track exactly how and when it was ventilated and which limit values ​​were exceeded during operation.

The tOWER can be controlled individually or in groups using a time switch function. An integrated e-mail notification can be configured so that in the event of service or a malfunction, an e-mail is sent to the previously set e-mail address.

The corona traffic light

We have also implemented a screen saver in the touch display that functions as a corona traffic light. A large smiley is shown here, which reflects the values ​​of the CO² sensor.

Android / iOS APP

Last but not least, we provide an Android / iOS APP that enables the main functions of the device to be controlled in the internal network. The graphic representation of the APP is similar to the 7 inch touch display.

Overview of advantages

Windows / Mac software
- Automatic detection of the devices in the network
- Grouping the devices
- Background layout "building floor plan" for positioning the groups
- Group control
- Update of the devices via network
- Password-protected areas can be set
- Individual control of the devices
- User interface, single device login "Overview"
- Log files for sensor values ​​(e.g. CO² content of the air "e.g. the window was opened", exportable as a file)
- Programmable timer via individual control
- E-mail notification (service, filter, sensor values) can be set

Android / iOS APP
- APP control of the devices via network

Touch display
- Simple operation and configuration via 7 inch touch display
- Levels 1-2 or turbo mode, UV-C filtration, automatic mode, setup and timer
- Visualization of the sensor values ​​on the main screen
- "Corona traffic light" screensaver
- Setting and configuration via setup button
- Locking the control panel by entering a password
- E-mail notification (service, filter, sensor values) can be set

Always up to date thanks to regular provision of update files via our homepage.


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